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A career at the RSPO means working for a dynamic international multi-stakeholder organisation, where making a difference to People, Planet and Prosperity is not just a statement, but what we passionately believe in.

At the RSPO, we believe that we are made successful by the passion, dedication, skills, and expertise of our people. They are the ones who drive our organisation to new heights, guiding us through the next phase of our development, and helping us achieve our goal of making sustainable palm oil the norm.

Since its inception in 2004, the RSPO has enjoyed rapid growth and today has close to 5,000 members from 100 countries, including oil palm producers, processors, traders, consumer goods manufacturers, retailers, banks, and non-governmental organisations. Thanks to the commitments and actions of these members, nearly 20% of the global supply of palm oil has already been certified as sustainable, helping to create an environment where palm oil agriculture and the environment can co-exist.
Join our team and help us make sustainable palm oil the norm.

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