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Human Rights Defender Hotline

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Human Rights Defender (HRD) SOS is an EMERGENCY contact point for Human Rights Defender, Whistleblowers, Complainants and Community Spokespersons. This is where they can, in confidence, lodge complaints with the RSPO Complaints Panel (CP) on the activities undertaken by, on behalf of, or in connection with, the activities of an RSPO member, which may result in risks to the safety and/or security of the said persons. For more details, you may refer to the RSPO Policy on the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, Whistleblowers, Complainants and Community Spokesperson.

This hotline is for EMERGENCY purposes only

  1. Please be aware that RSPO may take reasonable action to claim for costs from any claims made, which are knowingly false or misleading, and the Claimant will be required to publicly issue a statement of retraction or falsehood.
  2. As a voluntary, membership-based, standard setting scheme, RSPO does not have the ability to offer direct physical protection to Complainants, or to safeguard people from possible consequences of engaging in the RSPO Complaints System, or cooperating with the RSPO.

OR, if you wish to submit a complaint, you may do so via the button below

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