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Supporting Documents for Smallholders

NPP is applicable to any proposed new development (except for scenarios in which NPP is not applicable) by smallholders (not pursuing the RSPO Independent Smallholder Standard). If a company leads the certification process for groups of smallholders, then the company is responsible for ensuring the NPP is complied with. In the case of Group Certification, the Group Manager is responsible for ensuring that the NPP is complied with, including coordination of assessments, verification by the CB and communication with the RSPO Secretariat.

RSPO recognises the need to provide simple and straightforward guidance, as well as cost-effective mechanisms and tools to facilitate compliance of smallholders to NPP. Hence, smallholders are to apply a Risk-Based Approach (refer to flowchart below) guided by applicable simplified toolkits for relevant assessments demonstrating compliance to NPP.

You can download the following supporting documents for NPP submissions: