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DSF is a part of the RSPO Complaints System and offers complainants, RSPO members, and relevant stakeholders involved in an active social or environmental related complaint, the opportunity to resolve these matters through mutually agreed terms, with the help of DSF Mediation.

DSF Mediation involves parties to a complaint mutually agreeing on an independent mediator to facilitate negotiations in a structured and enabling process.

Within RSPO, the Complaints System is a mechanism that provides stakeholders with an avenue to address complaints against an RSPO member who has allegedly breached the RSPO Principles and Criteria, Code of Conduct, or any other key documents.

The Process of DSF Mediation


Voluntary Participation

DSF Mediation can only be accessed if both disputing parties mutually agree to engage in the process


No information shared during the mediation process will be disclosed without the consent of the parties

Independent and Impartial

The decision-making authority rests entirely with the parties and DSF does not impose any judgement or decision on either party


DSF Process

Why Choose DSF Mediation?

DSF will facilitate a collaborative mediation process in seeking a long-term and mutually agreeable solution. This would involve DSF striving to identify a suitable mediator to mediate the disagreement, as well as by providing funds to those requiring financial assistance for mediation purposes.

Parties without sufficient funds may access the DSF Trust Fund. The trust fund is available to both members and non-members but notably local communities and labourers requiring financial assistance to participate in the mediation process. Financial assistance may include, but is not limited to, covering the fees of the appointed mediators/technical experts and related costs on behalf of the parties.

The DSF Trust Fund may also be accessed to cover the cost of capacity building to enable meaningful participation in the negotiations during mediation.

The primary aim of the DSF Trust Fund is to ensure that parties are able to co-own the mediation process.

 How to Access the DSF Trust Fund

Those requiring financial support can submit a written request to DSF or the relevant RSPO regional representative for guidance on the application process. The DSF Trust Fund Committee will review each application to determine the applicant’s eligibility for funding.

For more information, interested parties are invited to read the DSF Trust Fund Framework available under the Resources tab.