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The RSPO General Assembly (GA) is a mandatory requirement under the RSPO Statutes and convenes annually. It involves all RSPO members, however only Ordinary Members have voting rights. An Ordinary Member may cast a GA vote either in person, by proxy, or by other electronic means.

About RSPO GA Resolutions

In accordance with the RSPO Statutes, resolutions may be submitted for consideration by the GA. In order for the GA to meaningfully deliberate and decide on resolutions, the submissions must meet the stipulated requirements to facilitate proper consideration of resolutions within a fixed time frame.

Guidance: The contents of proposed resolutions should not conflict with the RSPO Statutes 2018, Antitrust Principles, or require changes to the Principles and Criteria (P&C). Resolutions should be worded in a manner that allows for a clear 'For' or 'Against' vote, and should not contain multiple options.