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RSPO Independent Smallholder Credits

The RSPO ISH Credits market incentivises Independent Smallholders to earn premiums for their sustainability efforts, regardless of their location or plot size. This makes the RSPO ISH Credit market more sustainable and inclusive.

If your customers are concerned about the negative effects of palm oil production, trading in RSPO Credits is a good place to start. One RSPO Credit is proof that one tonne of palm oil was produced by an RSPO certified palm oil producer and has entered the global RSPO palm oil supply chain. Purchasing credits is an important first step towards worldwide sustainable palm oil production as it contributes to creating a critical high demand for sustainable palm oil products globally. This growing demand, in turn, allows for increased investment in making the palm oil supply chain more traceable, transparent and sustainable overall. By purchasing credits through PalmTrace , buyers encourage the production of certified sustainable palm oil.

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Should you require further information, please get in touch with the RSPO Smallholder Unit at smallholder@rspo.org