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Click here for details and to register for webinars and in-person workshops. Public consultation will be open
1 November to 31 December 2022.


The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is initiating its five year review cycle of the 2018 RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C) and the review of the 2019 RSPO Independent Smallholder Standard. The development of standard requirements applicable to medium growers and Scheme Smallholders will also be explored.

Apart from reviewing the standard applicable to the production of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) and Certified Fresh Fruit Bunch (CFFB), this process also aims to make recommendations on which elements of the revised P&C should be applied to non-grower RSPO members as part of their shared responsibility to promote sustainable palm oil.

The objective of this process is to review and streamline the production standard to ensure continued relevance and effectiveness in demonstrating that palm oil produced and sold as RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) is credible and inclusive.

To strengthen the credibility of the RSPO certification scheme, this review process strives to address the following key challenges:

  • Ensuring the comprehensiveness and relevance of RSPO Standards;

  • Achieving desired impact;

  • Clarifying interpretations and uncertainties;

  • Resolving inadequate capacities and resources in the assurance systems; and

  • Aligning RSPO approaches with other sustainability initiatives.


Where To Learn More About Standards Review

The review process will be guided by the RSPO Standard Operating Procedure for Standard Setting and Review (2020), in line with ISEAL Alliance’s requirements and the ISEAL Standard-setting Code of Good Practices V6.

Please review the Terms of Reference (ToR) & Review Process for complete details endorsed by the RSPO Board of Governors on 14 February 2022.

Governance Structure

Governance Structure Members

The RSPO Standard Standing Committee (SSC) will provide oversight on the entire process, wherein a Steering Group, consisting of the CEO of the RSPO Secretariat and the Co-Chairs of the RSPO Standards, Assurance, Market Development and Smallholder Standing Committee will ensure a coordinated, comprehensive and joint approach to the review, and will make decisions in the event that consensus cannot be achieved at the TF level.

Interested in observing TF/TC meeting(s)?

In line with RSPO’s principle of transparency, members and stakeholders are welcome to observe any specific TF and/or Technical Committee (TC) meeting. While it is critical for RSPO to make important information and processes publicly available and easily accessible, the organisation is also committed to protecting confidential and private information.

Any member and/or stakeholder can register your interest here.

Key notes for any interested member/stakeholder:

  • Alongside your registration, observers should complete, sign and upload a copy of the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct can also be downloaded from the registration form.
  • Each registration is for ONE meeting ONLY. If you wish to attend two meetings (e.g., one TF meeting and one TC meeting), please register two times indicating the specific meeting and date you would like to observe.
  • We kindly ask that observers register their interest in observing any particular TF/TC meeting at least two weeks in advance. TF/TC meeting dates will be made available on this page.

Public Consultations

Revised RSPO Principles & Criteria and RSPO Independent Smallholder Standard

The first draft of the revised RSPO Principles & Criteria (P&C) and RSPO Independent Smallholder (ISH) Standard is ready for the first round of Public Consultation, which will be carried out over a 60 day period from 1 November to 31 December 2022 using a global online commenting platform.

You can download:

  1. First draft of the RSPO Principle & Criteria 2023 in your preferred language below & provide your comments through the online commenting platform (opening soon - notifications will be sent out):
    FRENCH    THAI  
  1. First draft of the RSPO Independent Smallholder Standard here and provide your comments through the online commenting platform (opening soon - notifications will be sent out).

Public webinars and in-person workshops

The Secretariat will be hosting two public webinars for the launch of the Public Consultation on  7 November 2022 to share details about the main changes between the current Standards (P&C and ISH) and the proposed draft as well as information on how to participate in our global online commenting platform.

Register: Public webinars

Date: 7 November 2022 7 November 2022
Time: 09:00 AM (GMT-5) 10:00 AM (GMT+8)
Duration: 1 hour 1 hour
Language: English/Spanish/French English/Bahasa Indonesia/Thai/Mandarin
Audience: Public Public
Registration link: REGISTER HERE

Register: In-person workshops

In-person workshops will also be conducted at locations around the world to collect comments, feedback, and input. The workshop agenda will be split across two days:  

  • Day 1: RSPO Principles & Criteria - focus on labour and environmental-related indicators and support for smallholder inclusion. Applicable to mills-with-own-plantations, growers and Scheme Smallholders.
  • Day 2: RSPO Independent Smallholder Standard - focus on challenges in implementation and adoption of RSPO certification by smallholders, with emphasis on Independent Smallholders.

Please feel free to register your interest in any of the in-person consultation workshops listed below. Participation in the workshop is strictly for confirmed registered participants.



Venue or Location


RSPO Contact

Registration Link

1 & 2 November 2022

Lagos, Nigeria


Victor Tamanjong


9 & 10 November 2022

Bogota, Colombia


German Contreras


14 & 15 November 2022

Villahermosa, México


German Contreras


22 & 23 November 2022

Palangkaraya, Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia

Dede Herland


28 November 2022

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia*


Liyana Zulkipli


5 & 6 December 2022

Jakarta, Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia/ English

Dede Herland


7 & 8 December 2022

Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia/ English

Dede Herland


13 & 14 December 2022

Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire


Victor Tamanjong


19 & 20 December 2022

Surat Thani, Thailand


Radda Larpnun


23 December 2022

Vijayawada, India**


Ashwin Selvaraj


5 January 2023

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia**


Liyana Zulkipli


* In-person workshop will be one day focused on P&C Criteria.

** In-person workshop will be one day focused on ISH.

Questions? Contact us

Please email [email protected] or the appropriate Secretariat contact below:




Julia Majail

Task Force (TF) Coordinator

[email protected]

Javin Tan

Task Force (TF) Coordinator

[email protected]

Leena Gosh

Technical Committee (TC) Coordinator

[email protected]

Francisco Naranjo

Technical Committee (TC) Coordinator

[email protected]

Djaka Riksanto

Technical Committee (TC) Coordinator

[email protected]


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