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Technical Committee: Planet


Members of the Technical Committees (TCs) may or may not be an RSPO Member. The opportunity will be for external parties and experts to participate in the TCs to ensure that the skills and experience needed are available. Each TC shall have a minimum of two (2) grower representatives  to ensure sufficient participation of stakeholders who are directly impacted by changes to the RSPO Principles & Criteria.


The TCs will assist in the formulation of the revised standard, in particular the development of Indicators, guidance, etc., to ensure the overarching Principles and Criteria are deliverable on the ground.

Member Appointment

Appointment of TCs members will be made by the TF based on their skills and experience according to the task requirements allocated to each TC.

No Name Organisation Category of membership
1 William Siow IOI Grower (P&T)
2 Arvind Devadasan MP Evans (Grower) Grower
3 Jason Foong KLK Grower
4 Andri Najiburrahman Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Group Tbk Grower
5 Budi Tri Prasetia Musim Mas Grower (P&T)
6 Yusi Rosalina Sampoerna Agro Tbk Grower
7 Leonada PT Mutuagung Lestari CB
8 Hendra Fachrurozy TUV Rheinland Indonesia CB
9 Robert Cheong ex-CB (TUV Nord) Expert (CB)
10 Daniel Arancibia Proforest, LaTAM Expert (Environment)
11 Gerome Tokpa Country Head Earthworm Foundation Expert (Environment)
12 Jennifer M. Lucey University of Oxford/ SEARRP Expert (Environment)
13 Juan Pablo Zorro Bio AP, Colombia Expert (Environment)
14 Erik Meijaard Borneo Futures and IUCN Oil Crops Task Force Expert (Environment)
15 Faizal Parish GEC Proposed (Peat expert)
16 Dr Gan Lian Tiong Indepedent Expert (Industrial)
17 Miguel Jose TEJADA IRAIZOZ ESM Expert (Environment)
18 Ruth Silva HCVN Proposed (HCVN)
19 Jules Crawshaw RSPO Member Expert (Environment)
20 Salahudin Yaacob RSPO (Retired)/consultant Expert (Env)