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Technical Committee: Smallholder


Members of the Technical Committees (TCs) may or may not be an RSPO Member. The opportunity will be for external parties and experts to participate in the TCs to ensure that the skills and experience needed are available. Each TC shall have a minimum of two (2) grower representatives  to ensure sufficient participation of stakeholders who are directly impacted by changes to the RSPO Principles & Criteria.


The TCs will assist in the formulation of the revised standard, in particular the development of Indicators, guidance, etc., to ensure the overarching Principles and Criteria are deliverable on the ground.

Member Appointment

Appointment of TCs members will be made by the TF based on their skills and experience according to the task requirements allocated to each TC.

No Name Organisation Category of membership
1 Arvind Devadasan MP Evans (Grower) Grower
2 BROU Assoua Hermann ACENVIRO Grower
3 Duperly González Grupo Numar, Costa Rica Grower (GM)
4 Ian Orrell NBPOL/Sime Darby Grower
5 Jorge Luis Solano (Jorge Coco) FEMEXPALMA Grower (GM)
6 José Alfredo Torres ICADE, HOnduras Grower
7 Julian Peña Solidaridad, Colombia Grower
8 Lawrence Kwame Quarshie Golden Star Oil Palm Plantations limited Grower (GM)
9 Lindayati Manik Cargill Grower
10 Ridwan Sibuea Sampoerna Agro Sumatera Region Grower
11 Harris Silalahi FORTASBI Grower (GM)
12 YB Zainanto Hari Widodo APKSM (Asosiasi Pekebun Kelapa Sawit Mandiri) Grower (GM)
13 Muhamad Iqbal Jailan Bureau Veritas Certification (M) Sdn Bhd CB
14 Dian Soeminta TUV CB
15 Thitinai Pongpiriyakit Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) Expert (SH support)
16 Henry Marpaung KOOMPASIA ENVIRO INSTITUTE Expert (SH support)
17 Mohd Ridzuan Shah bin Rosly WWF-Malaysia Expert (Environment)
18 Nicholas Cheong Chee Yin ex-CB (BSI) Expert (CB)
19 Nur Nazifah Bt Ahmad Rosland Center for Sustainable Small-Owners
Asia School of Business
Expert (SH support)
20 Roberty Pamphyle ESSAMA WWF Cameroon Expert (Environment)
21 Olivia Scholtz HCVN Expert (HCVN)
22 Maria Esquivel Solidaridad, Colombia Expert (Social)
23 Burhanuddin Ismail Bunge-Loders Croaklan Expert (SH support)